Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigation

Trademark and Copyright Infringement Investigation
Ensure an apt trademark clearance from ADSPL

Security can never be guaranteed and so are your trademarks. Having a check on them is utmost necessary to not fall into the deep traps of any confusion or deception related to your trademarks.  Trademark refers to your company’s unique words, symbols or even colours. Whereas copyrights stand outs for the protection of your company’s work. 

 People dodging around to ensure that their brand name is unique and is not utilized by someone else should direct land up at ADSPL. Just having a meeting with us can assure an entire international market survey of your proposed logo/ trademark.


Why Choose ADSPL?

We ensure your protection from infringements with cost effective solutions. Moreover being an experienced organization we uphold your trust of bringing out expecting results. 

  •  We provide the first date of a trademark’s use 

Not having clarity regarding the usage of the trademarks can often indulge us into misleading solutions. But we make sure that you don’t be a part of this deception. 

  • We provide the same charges associated with trademark investigations regardless of our client’s location 

Conducting investigations at various different locations might add up charges to the fee structures, but it’s not the same as in ADSPL. We do not charge up any extra fee related to the travel for investigations 

  • We Protect your business from Trademark Infringement 

Having secured trademarks are essential so as to not experience dilution and grave damage. We provide protection against these activities and help you to carry out your business with ease. 

Through ADSPL services, you can get the fim assurance of your business reaching heights without getting experienced protection loss. Reach out to us now!