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Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigation

Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigation

Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigation

The idea for your new corporate logo is decidedly brilliant. So you pursue the next step and hire an artist, who for a hefty price will immortalize your firm forever. Right? Wrong! Everyday, many companies just like yours make the mistake of committing large amounts of time and money to a trademark only to find out that another firm across the country is using the exact same image to brand their company name. How can you be sure this doesn’t happen to you? Make sure you get trademark clearance from ADSPL. We specialize in the areas of trademark search and trademark investigation.

Trademark Investigation – Secure Your Brand Identity

What if you don’t? What if you go ahead with the trademark generation without a trademark in-use search or intellectual property investigation, and later find it to be identical to an already existing trademark? The ramifications could be devastating, and may undermine your firm’s financial stability. Not only would you waste large amounts of capital unnecessarily. You’d also be legally liable to pay damages to the original trademark owner, leading to financial losses that could devastate your firm’s capital structure.

Trademark In Use Investigations

Should it be determined that certain trademarked materials are currently in-use, that does not mean ADSPL’S investigation stops. ADSPL has developed a number of strategies, including undercover product acquisition to verify usage or non-usage of a particular trademarked item. In addition, ADSPL’S established the Trademark Acquisition Division to function as a liaison should you so decide to purchase an existing trademark.

A simple phone call to ADSPL and a meeting with a member of our expert trademark investigation research team in our Trademark Acquisition Division will lay the foundation for a complete international market survey of your proposed logo or trademark. We’ll let you know if your trademark is in use, and give you the name and contact information of the trademark owner. We’ve found that just because a trademark is owned doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being used. We’ll help you ascertain the usage or non-usage, and act as a liaison in if you decide to purchase an existing trademark.

Our Trademark Investigations are Worldwide

In performing trademark investigations, ADSPL is able to determine the first date of a trademark’s use; obtain documents from governmental agencies regarding any and all filings of the trademarked material; in addition to providing information regarding the supply and distribution of a given trademarked product. As ADSPL has operations worldwide, the trademark investigations we conduct are not limited to a specific geographical region. As our fee structure is considered quite competitive, the charges associated with trademark investigations usually remain the same regardless of our client’s location.

Protect Your Business from Trademark Infringement

According to recent statistics, the epidemic of trademark infringements is growing at an exponential rate. Through advancements in technology and the explosive growth of the Internet, access to your prized intellectual property is exposed, more than ever before, to unscrupulous individuals looking to cash in on your good name and reputation. These infringements, if not detected early, lead to dilution and fair market use of your properties without compensation. Intellectual property and trademark infringement suits can be difficult, exhausting your time and resources.

Technology of Trademark Investigations

In an effort combat trademark infringement, ADSPL’S researchers and investigators have an array of tools at their disposal to make sure that any property that you decide to trademark is safe from infringement. At ADSPL, we’re also able to conduct full national and international market surveys of your existing trademarks. Our research has no bounds. All markets and industries can be investigated for illegal use of your intellectual property.

ADSPL has been consulted by many number of prominent industry leaders to not only confirm if a trademark is available, but that in-use trademarks are being appropriately represented. Each and every of ADSPL trademark investigations are compiled into a report written by a competent team of researchers and investigators with editorial experience. Each report is reviewed by these individuals, and then subsequently reviewed for accuracy by members of the Senior Staff to ensure that our client’s receive only the most accurate results.

Let the professional investigators and researchers at ADSPL handle your trademark investigations. We will protect you from infringements, and make sure you’re not found guilty of the same yourself, with efficient and cost effective solutions. When you want total protection for your prized intellectual property, call ADSPL today.