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We Can Protect Your Intellectual Property

Is there anything more valuable than your company’s good name and reputation? We think not. In fact, losing either could be fatal to your organization’s existence or reputation. One sure way for that to happen is for a competitor or other company to use your intellectual property in a detrimental way.

Protecting your intellectual property is difficult, but possible. After all, you’ve poured your dollars into research to develop a winning product or service-why let imitators copy your ideas? They profit from your research, brand development, intellectual property investments and hard work, or smear your company’s name.

ADSPL is the world’s foremost intellectual property and brand protection firm. We’ve earned that reputation by creating and implementing a number of systems, products and services, all of which effectively identify and eliminate Intellectual Property Theft and Image Deterioration.

ADSPL’s years of experience enable us to provide clients with superior trademark in-use investigations domestically and internationally, including all of the pertinent details such as date of first use and evidence of current use, geographic scope and channels of distribution, to start. ADSPL can anonymously negotiate the purchase or sale of a domain name, trademark, patent or other intellectual property holding, conducting negotiations and managing the purchase and transfers. Additionally, ADSPL has years of experience with all types of counterfeiting operations on a global scale. ADSPL has proprietary databases filled with decades of intelligence and the latest information about the network of players. ADSPL is also familiar with signs of product diversion. Because of our vast experience in this field, ADSPL is able to identify the paper trail cost effectively.

Our Intellectual Property Investigations include:

  • Trademark In-Use Investigations
  • Domain Acquisition Services
  • Protected Domain Registrant Identification
  • Intellectual Property Acquisition Services
  • Patent Investigations
  • Internet Monitoring with Web.Sweep’s® Multilingual Technology including Asian and Arabic Languages
  • Media Monitoring with News.Sweep®
  • Brand Monitoring with Market Check®
  • Royalty Compliance Auditing
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Programs
  • Anti-Diversion Programs
  • Trademark and Domain Name Valuations
  • Prior Art Investigations
  • Email Owner Identification
  • CopyShield Copyright Protection

If you’re serious about protecting your invaluable intellectual property, call ADSPL today. We’ll tell you how we can implement our proven intellectual property protection programs to make sure you’re the only one who profits from your hard work, and to keep others from damaging your good name.

Case Studies

On behalf of a global branded luxury clothing and accessory licensor, the experts at ADSPL were asked to conduct an investigation into the illegal use of their intellectual property. Our researchers and investigators found that one of their sub-licensee’s was taking advantage of our client’s intellectual property by creating exact products with their name but at dramatically reduced costs. Our investigation helped quantify the value of our client’s loss and was instrumental in their settlement. We also created a plan to help our client manage their extensive portfolio and assisted with future preventative strategies.