Recovery & Counter Intelligence

Recovery and Counterintelligence
Let your Opponent face the Revenge

Investigations designed to block or stop your enemy’s sources or to swindle your enemy are all activities known to be as Counter Intelligence. Counter Intelligence counts in to be one of the most tedious tasks of all the businesses. Therefore, a very specialized step needs to be taken in order to defend it. 

Living in such a developed world, we tend to have efficient resources to be easily able to counteract any ultimatums regarding your business or personal security.  Further on, at ADSPL we help you to identify and specify foreign intelligence with advanced CounterIntelligence techniques and services.


Why Choose ADSPL?

We keep all your sensitive information safe, not letting your enemies get hands upon it, which makes  it suitable to have your trust on us. 

  •  We Provide social engineering services  

The great defence against Social engineering can include  various training. This training mainly emphasizes being pleasant and working together as a team. 

  •  We provide Penetration Testing  services  

At ADSPL, through advanced techniques, we uncover any harmful vulnerabilities related to your system. This helps to identify the functionality of your systems or to assess any of its consequences. 

  •  We provide Covert Internal Operations services  

 These are activities planned to hide or cover up the identity of a specific sponsor. At ADSPL we inculcate expert professionals from the military, which help in resolving the cases smoothly. 

 While having various dignified and expert investigators, we reassure you of our unique capabilities to solve even the most complex cases. To utilize our services, visit us here!