Drt / N.P.A. Investigation (Bank / FLS)

Drt / N.P.A. Investigation (Bank / Fls)

In recent times, India has seen a gradual increase in fraud companies fetching unsecured loans against their not-so-credible assets. Due to the negligence prevailing at the time of cross-checking their financial status, such aspects go unnoticed. While putting an impressive face in front of the world, these companies fail to have actual proof of assets, thus misleading the banks with fake documents. 

Securing loans against the non-performing assets or the bad assets has a direct role in degrading the bank’s reputation while also impacting the national economy. ADSPL offers high-end investigation services to scrutinize all the claims made by organizations when applying for loans and validate their assets. This serves you with a recognized proof of evidence while also mitigating the risk of false loan sanctions. 


Why Choose ADSPL?

Not being confined to just the investigation sphere, ADSPL also provides an efficient asset recovery plan based on the analysis done for all the companies. Keeping a bird’ eye view on all the properties and assets held by a firm, our dedicated teams ensure that the data is authentic and then evaluate their current market value to optimize recovery. 

  • We resolve Cases with excellent standards of Practice. 

DRT/NPA Investigations require a lot of time, whereas a lot of effort. We at ADSPL can work this out efficiently with our unique and efficient practices of Investigation. 

  • We provide Systematic evidence reports.  

To analyze the evidence found, you need to plan your steps carefully not to miss a single article. At ADSPL, we provide detailed and focused reports to have clarity while resolving the issues. 

  • We provide 24-48 hours of responsive services.  

 Not being able to contact your investigators can lead to trouble. But we provide 24-48 hours of responsive services so that you remain in sync with us. 

ADSPL provides effective negotiation models and apt settlement techniques to ensure that both parties drive to mutual conclusions. ADSPL holds vast experience in resolving severe cases involving N.P.A. investigations with false claims and has a high success rate in delivering desired outcomes. Get in touch with us to know more about our services!