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Drt / N.P.A. Investigation (Bank / FLS)

DRT N.P.A. Investigation

DRT / N.P.A. Investigation (Bank / Fls)

Over the last few years, India has witnessed a significant increase in the non-performing assets (NPA). Between 2010 and 2014, India saw its NPA to total loan ratio grow from 2.39% to 5.88%. This increase in the NPA’s has affected significantly the banks and in turn the Indian economy. It has become essential to conduct a thorough investigation before providing any unsecured loan to a company even if prima facie the company credentials looks impressive.

It is also important to explore different options to recover as much as possible from the company when they default on their payments due to their weak financial position.

At ADSPL Investigation are qualified team can help you to conduct checks at pre and post loan stage. Our experts scrutinize a company in great depth to understand their financial stability and the authenticity of the numbers provided by them.


  • In-depth study of company’s economic position.
  • Feasibility of financial projections.
  • The authenticity of operations.
  • Intent to any wrongdoings.
  • SWAT analysis.
  • Political connections.


  • Directors’ spread of assets and other business ventures.
  • Location of movable and immovable property.


  • Negotiation based on investigations and findings to have a favorable settlement.

Banks utilize this act as an effective tool for bad loans (NPA) recovery. It is possible where non-performing assets are backed by securities charged to the Bank by way of hypothecation or mortgage or assignment.