Detection Of Finger Print

Fingerprint DetectionDecode the mysteries and solve your criminal cases with ADSPL's accurate fingerprint detection!

Grave criminal investigations require precise search and proof of evidence for catching the real culprit. Fingerprinting has been one such way to dive down and reach concrete conclusions while unveiling the criminals. Biometrics have been instrumental in identifying each individual with a specific fingerprint and distinguishing people uniquely. It has also enabled authorities to recognize people with ease and fetch answers to their tangled cases. 

Fingerprint detection has been a tremendously instrumental technique since it serves to be a unique identifier for individuals. All crime scenes hold fingerprints of the assailant, compelling evidence to get the criminal convicted.


 Fetching the fingerprints found on the site, also called latent prints, and matching them with the marks taken of the suspects, can quickly solve long-held cases. This match-making process also helps in saving time and getting results fast, reasoning to its accurate working.

The natural texture of the skin dermis that results in achieving our fingerprints is an astounding phenomenon. While these marks are inherited, no two fingerprints can ever be precisely the same. 

Why Choose ADSPL?
Our expert professionals and experienced individuals make up the best-in-class teams who carry out the entire fingerprint detection process with utmost accuracy and attention. While following all the necessary and valid clues, we can deliver quick results with utmost concern. 

  • We resolve Cases with excellent standards of Practice. 

Fingerprint detections require a lot of time, whereas a lot of effort. We at ADSPL can work this out efficiently with our unique and efficient practices of Investigation. 

  • We provide Systematic evidence reports.  

To analyze the evidence found, you need to plan your steps carefully not to miss a single article. At ADSPL, we provide detailed and focused reports to have clarity while resolving the issues. 

  • We provide 24-48 hours of responsive services.  

 Not being able to contact your investigators can lead to trouble. But we provide 24-48 hours of responsive services so that you remain in sync with us. 

Whether it is the loops, arches, or spirals— fingerprints are always unique and differ in their detailing. ADSPL is specially trained for fingerprint detection techniques and solving criminal cases and identifying the culprits. Want to know more about our service? Get in touch today!