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Brand Protection

For an entrepreneur, his brand security stands to be his top-most priority. We all don’t want our hard work, put into a specific field, to

Corporate & Assets Investigation

Often, we are in dire need to figure out the current asset list against a person or find ourselves in a situation to desperately know the accurate financial status of an organization.

Detection of Finger Print

Grave criminal investigations require precise search and proof of evidence for catching the real culprit. Fingerprinting has been one such way

DRT N.P.A. Investigation

In recent times, India has seen a gradual increase in fraud companies fetching unsecured loans against their not-so-credible assets.

Employment & Documents Verification

While organizations plan to hire new people and bring them on board, it is imperative to know their background and ensure its authenticity.

Investigation of Bank Fraud

Everyone wants to have their hard-earned money secured and in safe hands. But can banks be the ones to have complete trust upon?

Matrimonial Investigation

Faith takes time to be built, and marriages are basic social and legal contracts between 2 individuals that unite their lives.

Investigation of Insurance Claim

Claims can be either true or false, But how can we have complete assurity regarding it? There we step in to have your claims investigated

Private and Confidential Investigation

Doubts are those barriers which create great distances between relations and need not to be entertained rather be eradicated with effective investigations.

Security and Allied Services

Security and allied services (SAS) refers to the actions taken in order  to minimise the chances of mis-happenings taking place in organisations.

Recovery and Counterintelligence

Investigations designed to block or stop your enemy’s sources or to swindle your enemy are all activities known to be as Counter Intelligence.

Surveillance / Observation

As surveillance stands out to be a very important and prestigious work to do, we provide experts and experienced professionals to conduct these tasks.

Trademark and Copyright Infringement Investigation

Security can never be guaranteed and so are your trademarks. Having a check on them is utmost necessary to not fall into the deep traps of any confusion or deception related to your trademarks.