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Our core strength

Our unique network and seasoned band of dedicated personnel coupled with their on the job proven track record satisfied our clienteles right from investigation of trademark & copyright infringement, by protecting intellectual property right (IPR) to matrimonial (pre & post marriage) investigation, shadow surveillance, undercover agent, theft, burglary, verification of antecedents/documents/records of employees of corporate house.

Our string of experienced personnel are taking care of the bank’s outsourcing need, recovery agents & to deploy manpower, undercover agent at different banks, investigate credentials of borrowers/guarantors, investigation of bank’s fraud/insurance claims.
Our own vehicular support to render services round the clock is also worth mentioning.

Result oriented successful services provided with these products categories:

• Cosmetics
• Detergents
• Garments
• Auto parts
• Motor parts
• Household goods
• Hosiery Group
• FMCG Products
• Pharmaceuticals
• Watches
• Publications
• Food Products
• Software
• Video piracy
• Insurance claim Investigation
• DRT/NPA Investigation (Bank & FIs)
• Lubricants
• Electronics Products

Modus Operandi

Detection: Our team of investigators with their rich and expertise skill always conducting intensive market survey to identify the regions/targets where spurious version of your esteemed branded product is being distributed / stored / manufactured / printed. The genesis of taken by the investigators is to arrange for collection of samples from the targeted source is send to the client for verification of our findings. Our attempt is to reach the origin i.e. the source from where the products are being manufactured and to identify the key personnel behind the screen.

Identification: Once the verification exercise of the suspected samples is completed our expert investigators indulge into an exercise to identify the chain of spurious product. Having identified the claim dummy economic relationship is being established with intent to arrange for seizure maximum quantum of spurious products.

Curtailment: After being confirmed regarding the authenticity of the information, gathered so far and once a comfortable relation is established with the erring businessman / manufacturers/ Suppliers, we initiate the process of conducting raids with the help of various law enforcing agencies. Before conducting raids, we advance intimation to our client with a request to depute their representative on the day of conducting raid i.e. the D – day.

On D day: The investigating team adopt all the measures to maintain utmost secrecy and never indulge in any uncalled for litigation so as to conduct a successful raid and to achieve the best yield of their harvest. Till the completion of the rituals required for conducting raid i.e. lodging of FIR, seizure of documents S. spurious articles, apprehension of the culprits, our team of investigators wait till the procurement of FIR, seizure lists and also do media coverage, if required, for onward transmission of the same to our clients at the first available opportunity.

Customer’s satisfaction is the capital on which we bank upon.

Our Values

  • To provide the highest standard of customer care in both Private and Public sector
  • Build Strong Relationship
  • Promote facts & finding spirit
  • Provide greater value through logical and practical solutions
  • Stick to the laws

Seasoned and Experienced Advisory Board always ready to offer their expert opinion, advice and practical guidance on an ongoing basis is the source of inspiration to one and all.

Our detective wing led by Mr. Rajesh Bharti (Associates of Private Detective & Investigation), experienced detectives, and already proved their championship in the field.

Smart, disciplined, ever alert security personnel drawn from Army, Navy, Air Force, Paramilitary Forces, Police Dept & Trained Civilians having on the job proven abilities registered their supremacy over others.

Experienced bankers to take care of the bank’s out sourcing need (recovery agents and to deploy manpower at different banks, investigate credentials of borrowers / guarantors. Investigation of bank’s fraud / insurance claims).

Our own vehicular support to render services round the clock with experienced drivers is also worth mentioning.

Equipped with modern technology our ever alert experts manifested their on the job proven abilities in the field of shadow surveillance, piracy, hijacking, theft/burglary, murder etc. Spot & book the criminals connected to such crimes.

Seasoned band of dedicated personnel also proved their abilities to investigate trademark & copyright infringement, by protecting intellectual property right (IPR).

Our unique network and band of dedicated personnel coupled with their on the job proven track record satisfied our clienteles right from Matrimonial (pre – post marriage) Investigation, to verification of Antecedents / Documents / Records of Employees of Corporate House.