A Short Summary

Brand Protection (IPR) 131
Surveillance & Undercover Operation 105
Private & Confidential Investigation 70
Matrimonial Investigation 115
Corporate & Assets Investigation 55
Employment & Documents Verification 125
Crime / Incident Investigation 155
Theft / Fraud Case 07
Insurance Claim Investigation 17
DRT / NPA Investigation (Bank/FIS) 09
Murder Case 01

The Graphical Representation Regarding The Growth of the Company

Our expert team had organized below mentioned services successfully which are as follows:

Brand Protection (IPR)

ADSPL team has conducted 131 raids in IPR Cases, where we have achieved a 100% success rate. Some of the renowned companies are:


Name of the Company: Rupa & Co. Ltd.

During the raid, a vast quantity of counterfeit / look like goods of esteemed brand “MACROMAN” have been recovered from the districts of Dausaand Jodhpur, Rajasthan by us.


Name of the Company: United Spirits & Diageo Group

During the raid, ADSPL team seized counterfeit liquor, raw materials, back & front labels, packaging materials, empty bottles & plastic seal caps, raw spirit in a plastic container of esteemed brand “MC DOWELL’S No 1” worth Rs. 60 lacs at Panjipara, Dist- N. Dinajpur, West Bengal.


Name of the Company: Kent RO System Ltd.

We have seized counterfeit spare parts & pumps of esteemed brand “KENT RO” in a vast quantity at Ranchi, Jharkhand.


Name of the Company: Procter & Gamble (P & G)

We, along with the help of enforcement personnel, had seized counterfeit of esteemed brand “HEAD & SHOULDERS” Shampoo sachet pack of 5 ml and “ARIEL” detergent sachet Pack of 12 gm in a vast quantity at Kadapa–Andhra Pradesh.


Name of the Company: Berger Paints India Ltd

During the raid, we seized a manufacturing unit producing counterfeit Cement Prima, Wood Prima, B.P. White Prima, Weather Coat, White Putty and others of esteemed brand

“BERGER PAINTS ” in enormous quantities at Mograhat, district 24 Pgs, West Bengal.

Surveillance & undercover Operation

ADSPL Team had successfully conducted 105 cases & undercover operations in different parts of India.

Private & confidential Investigation

We have successfully conducted 70 private & confidential investigations.

Matrimonial Investigation

During this span of the year, we have successfully handled 115 Matrimonial (pre & post) cases.

Corporate & Assets Investigation

We have successfully completed 55 Asset verification during this year.

Employment & Documents Verification

We have successfully solved 125 address verification cases in the Education & Employment sector.

Crime / Incident Investigation

ADSPL Team has successfully resolved 155 cases of address verification and criminal records checking in PAN India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Theft / Fraud Case

We have successfully resolved 07 cases, including a theft case about 50 lacs which was solved within stipulated time, a missing person case who was absconded for the last 22 years after cheating a renowned company.

Insurance Claim Investigation

ADSPL has covered 17 cases of insurance claim investigation.

DRT / NPA Investigation (Bank / FIS)

ADSPL has covered 09 cases of Assets on behalf of NPA / FIS.

Murder Case

Our founder, Mr. Rajesh Bharti had successfully solved a murder case, which has been featured in a documentary film with the title ‘The Bengali Detective’, produced by a London based film maker.

ADSPL has achieved immense growth by resolving the maximum number of cases in different investigation branches and brought justice to many commoners. Taking this into consideration, multiple national and multinational companies have recognized us.

In the last year my Organization has pecked a healthy rate of growth in terms of number of cases in different branches of Investigation handled with customers satisfaction.

We have got so many recognition, from national and multinational companies.

Remarks: We are expert in Private & Corporate Investigation especially Brand Protection of IPR Infringement of Copyright Act and Trademarks Act.