It is an excellent opportunity to introduce myself as Mr Rajesh Bharti founder of Always Detective Services (P) Ltd, Kolkata. Over the years as a Head of the organization led the entire team of dedicated officers to carry out many highly complicated investigation and conducting raids not only in India but also far off from the border. I am proud to say by now my organization has avast customer spread of well known Business Houses, MNC, Banks etc. Decades of personal experience have taught me that successful Entrepreneur should have some qualities i.e. a passion for his work, open mindedness, the desire to be an expert, a forward looking approach, a constant flow of Ideas which I always try to incorporate into my life and day to day activities while running the organization.

A brief insight in the affairs of my organization will let you know that though the primary objective of my organization is to detect all fraudulent cases like spurious, counterfeit brands, pirating etc. happening on regular basis in India and abroad, but different branches of Investigation also featured in our range of services.

I never forget my employees are the primary asset, so to boost the morale of the employees various schemes have been introduced.

An Employee interaction session has been introduced over lunch on quarterly basis wherein future planning, evaluation of quarterly progress are being discussed. To reward the employees for their hard work and dedication to the Organization, I organize an award distribution and employees interaction event every year.

Keeping in mind the risk involved in our Profession, all our field employees are covered under Insurance scheme. Even an employee in dire need of money can get loan from our Staff Welfare Fund.