Resolving people’s concerns since 1994

Always Detective Services in Kolkata was established in 1994 as a proprietorship company and later was transformed to a Pvt Ltd detective agency in Kolkata. Today, Always Detective Services has its presence PAN-India and across countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

When you choose to have Always Detective Services perform an investigation, you will receive a comprehensive quality search performed by licensed and India’s best detectives possessing over 20 years of researching experience.

Mr. Rajesh BharatiThe founder of Always Detective Services (Pvt Ltd)


The Brain behind Always Detective Services

Mr. Rajesh Bharti, the founder of Always Detective Services (Pvt Ltd), has successfully carried out highly complicated investigations throughout the country since 1994. Over the years, as the head of the organization, Mr. Bharti has led the entire team of dedicated officers to conduct raids in India and far off from the border. Starting with humble beginnings, Mr. Bharti has raised Always Detective Services as the no.1 choice for investigation services among well-known business houses, MNCs and banks. His passion for work, open-mindedness, and forward-looking approach has made Always Detective Services reach great heights within a short period. 

Our Strength 

Always’ detectives specialize right from the Investigation of Trademark & Copyright Infringement by protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to Matrimonial (pre & post marriage) Investigation, shadow surveillance, undercover agent, theft, burglary, verification of antecedents/documents/records of employees of the corporate house.

What Sets Us Apart

Attention to Detail

Quality Research

Accurate Results


An intensive market survey to identify the regions/targets where a spurious version of your esteemed branded product is being distributed/stored/manufactured/printed.

Indulge in identifying the chain of a spurious product as per the claimed dummy economic relationship for product seizure at the maximum.

After we confirm the authenticity of the information, we establish a relationship with the erring businessman/manufacturers/suppliers. Raid initiation begins. 

Adopt all the measures to maintain utmost secrecy and avoid indulging in any uncalled-for litigation to conduct a successful raid and achieve accurate results.