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Investigation is the Process,
Intelligence is the Result

Operated by certified fraud examiners, Always Detective Services offers the best detective services in Kolkata with a group of seasoned legal investigators deeply committed to serving your investigative needs. 

Always Detective Services brings an unrivaled depth of experience and passion to our client’s litigation process. We specialize in all fraudulent cases like spurious, counterfeit brands, pirating, etc., that are common in India or abroad, offering leading detective services in Kolkata. 

Having investigated cases since 1994, Always Detective Services is the best detective agency in Kolkata committed to respecting your privacy and doing our best in solving your problem.

A Glimpse of What We Do


Always Detective’s clients have experienced low theft related losses, reduce their exposure to risk, far more effectively protect their assets, and operate their companies with increased control, efficiency and profitability.

Our Values


Great teamwork makes great investigations work at Always.


We comply with ethical and moral codes within the line of law.


Providing the right information in the right context to clients.


We treat every person with courtesy throughout the investigation.

Our ServicesServices at a Glance


Brand Protection

Brand security stands to be the top-most priority for entrepreneurs and businessmen and Always protects your brand reputation.


Employment and Document Verification

While organizations plan to hire new people and bring them on board, Always ensures the authenticity of the candidates’ background.


Investigation of Insurance claim

Claims can be either true or false, but how can we have complete assurity? Always investigates your claims to a higher level.

Recognized throughout the World

Always Detective Services in Kolkata has been certified and recognized by all the leading investigating institutions.